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Green Leaf Glossary

Certified organic cotton: Made from 100% organic cotton and certified from seed to shelf. Responsibly grown — often using less water than conventional cotton — without synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.

GOTS: The Global Organic Textile Standard ensures that textiles labeled "organic" meet a specified and strict set of criteria. Certification covers everything from the harvesting of raw materials to manufacturing, packaging and labeling. GOTS prohibits the use of such materials as heavy metals, genetically modified substances, toxins and carcinogens.

Oeko-Tex: A global testing and certification system launched in the early '90s to provide clear guidance to consumers and companies about the health impacts of textiles. The Oeko–Tex Standard 100 is now the dominant standard for establishing the human ecological safety of such products as bedding and towels. Centered around rigorous screening for chemicals and other substances, approval becomes stricter the more a product comes into contact with the skin.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC): A widely recognized not–for–profit organization devoted to safeguarding the world's forests. Its prime focus is establishing clear standards for responsible forest management, allowing for business practices that benefit people and protect natural resources. Paper or wood products that carry FSC certification come from well–managed, responsibly harvested forests that meet strict environmental, social and economic standards. In 2006, Pottery Barn became one of the first major catalogers to commit to printing entirely on FSC certified paper.

Green Leaf icon: Products with our Green Leaf icon are socially and/or environmentally responsible, meaning they are made with natural, sustainable, eco–certified, reclaimed or fair-trade materials.

Global Forest and Trade Network (GFTN): A partnership led by the World Wildlife Fund to create market incentives and business practices that protect the world's most valuable and threatened forests. Includes more than 360 companies, communities, non–governmental organizations (NGOs) and entrepreneurs throughout the world. Supports development of a robust market for responsibly harvested wood as well as national and regional efforts to expand credibly certified forests. Pottery Barn joined GFTN in October 2008.

Rapidly renewable: A natural resource that regenerates in a short timeframe. Examples include bamboo, jute, hemp, seagrass, rattan and abaca. In order to qualify for the Green Leaf label, products made with these resources must also be finished or assembled with non–toxic materials.

Reclaimed: A material or product that is diverted from the waste stream and then used again, with minimal alteration and maximum preservation of its original features and beauty.

Recycled: Central to reducing waste, recycled materials have been previously used and re–incorporated into new uses or products. Recycled post–consumer content is material that has already been utilized in a consumer product and is then recycled or reprocessed for a new use.

Responsibly produced or harvested: A means of sourcing materials that puts a premium on environmental stewardship. Often refers to procuring wood from responsibly managed forests in ways that support biodiversity, productivity and healthy ecosystems now and into the future.

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