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Green Tips

TIP: Decrease water usage while maintaining optimal pressure by installing low–flow faucets in sinks and showers.

TIP: Because jute is fast growing and requires little water, it's an immensely eco–friendly fiber, and its strength is ideal for woven rugs.

TIP: Decorate with houseplants. Not only do they contribute to healthy, oxygen–rich air, they're known to promote relaxation.

TIP: For healthier air indoors, apply only natural, low–VOC or non–VOC paints. Reduce the toxins in your home with this simple update.

TIP: Plug your media into a power strip — like Our Smart TechnologyTM power strips — so you can save energy by turning all components off at once.

TIP: FSC certification ensures that materials come from responsibly harvested forests that meet strict environmental and socioeconomic standards.

TIP: Our baskets are crafted of sustainable fibers. Infinitely versatile, they can be used and reused for a multitude of purposes for years.

TIP: Reclaimed wood can create a striking design element. An original wood ceiling beam can make a simple, stylish statement if left exposed.

TIP: By hardwiring a chandelier with a dimmer switch, you can simultaneously increase ambience and decrease energy use.

TIP: Switching to a sofa that's made using green materials and practices increases the demand for eco–friendly upholstery.

TIP: A bit thicker and plusher than our standard rug pad, our Premium Rug Pad is made from 100% recycled fibers.

TIP: Decorate floors with reclaimed hardwood. You'll preserve living trees and make use of wood that's already available.

TIP: Wake up to our meticulously woven organic cotton bedding. Only the highest–quality organic cotton can offer this much comfort.

TIP: Textiles with a history, like Kanthas, make use of vintage fabrics in one of the world's loveliest forms of recycling.

TIP: Purchase produce at farmers' markets to support local farmers and create a beautiful seasonal display.

TIP: Have lots of plates and flatware sets on hand so you never have to waste another paper plate or plastic fork when company comes.

TIP: Thick velvet drapes help regulate interior temperature, keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

TIP: Let fresh oxygen breathe through your space. Make it a habit to air our your room every day.

TIP: Use all-natural pillow inserts. Chemical–free filling is easy on the skin and great for keeping allergies at bay — it also lets you breathe easier every night.

TIP: Bring vitality to the bath — and your skin — with soothing vegetable–based soaps made with pure ingredients.

TIP: Have plenty of linen napkins on hand for everyday meals. Your table will look nicer, and you'll use fewer paper products.

TIP: Switch to energy–efficient lighting, such as CFL or LED light bulbs for an eco–friendly update — and a much lower electricity bill.

TIP: Because jute is fast growing and requires little water, it's an immensely eco–friendly fiber that happens to be beautiful, too.

TIP: By layering on duvets and quilts, you can lower your thermostat at night and save energy. Cool air also promotes more restful sleep.

TIP: Switching to a sofa that's made using green materials and practices is healthy for your home — and healthy for the earth.

TIP: Make a habit of washing bedding in cold water. You'll save energy, and it's gentler on pure cotton fibers.

TIP: Decorate with in–season flowers. Buy them locally, or pick them from your yard! You'll save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Green Tips