How To Choose a Wall Color in the Dining Room

If there's such a thing as sociable paint colors, the dining room is where they belong. Whether used for formal dinner parties or casual get–togethers, the color palette here should be friendly and relaxing, making people want to linger.

Creams and linens, such as Gray Mist OC–30, cut the iciness of pure white wall color while still bringing space-enhancing power to the dining room. A gentle white backdrop opens up possibilities to be more adventurous and introduce strong colors and patterns in wall art, dining chair fabrics and table linens.

Rich, warm browns are restful hues that immediately add intimacy to a dining room. Used with natural textures like wicker and linen, a wall palette of Frappe AF–85 (above) and Truffle AF 130 (below) has a relaxed tonal harmony that is enlivened by the cranberry and umber accents introduced in the striped rug.

Take inspiration from the dining furniture by painting walls in rich, dark hues that approach black but still have color. It instantly adds atmosphere and has a romantic quality, especially by candlelight. A grayish lavender (French Violet 1427,) paired with graphic black chairs is ethereal by day and intimate by night.

In a room that opens directly to the outdoors, borrow from the best of nature. Green is often described as the most serene and calming color. This makes it a very adaptable, versatile complement to wood and painted furnishings. A clear, expansive green (Garland Green 429) on the walls gives the illusion of receding space and makes a dining room feel even more open and airy.

Off whites are a good backdrop for displaying art and collectibles.