How To Choose a Wall Color in the Home Office

A home office should balance productivity and inspiration, organization and creativity—and color can help do it all. From moderating the purely functional mood to injecting a feeling of comfort and personality, wall color has the ability to enhance your home office dramatically.

Artist and designer studios require a simple, neutral background that doesn't interfere or compete with the work at hand. Canvas–toned creams, such as Ivory White 925, are clean but not sterile, and create an uncomplicated, effortless environment for working.

Cool colors, such as blues, greens, and grays are said to encourage mental clarity. A pale sage green is far from drab, but rather a subtle, sophisticated choice. The hints of gray and blue in Warm Springs 682 reveal themselves in different lighting and create a pleasing atmosphere.

Besides its expansive quality, the color blue is believed to encourage concentration. In an area that is small in space and gets little to no natural light, try a vibrant blue. A lively shade, such as Bermuda Blue 2061–30, wakes up a space, especially when paired with punchy white shelving (Distant Gray OC–68) — that shows off the art of organization.

Deep earth tones are strong and gentle and can instantly calm an otherwise cluttered home office. Equestrian Gray 1553 brings order to a busy mix of work and personal objects. Add in a large dose of cleansing white (Snowfall White OC–118) and bursts of colorful accessories to prevent this rich neutral from becoming overbearing.

Use a contrasting color on trim to highlight windows and woodwork.