How To Choose Outdoor Paint Color

Outdoor living is a joy that extends the walls of a home and the sense of well–being. Just as porch, deck, garden and patio furniture should enhance the comfort and ease that goes with an outdoor lifestyle, the color palette should do so, too.

Deep porches are inviting but the deeper they are, the darker rooms become inside. The solution is simple: stain the floor in a pale hue to bounce soft light indoors. Using a pale color like Silver Mist 1619 on the floor ensures that the color of the light is refreshing and close to neutral.

Wood stain, varying in opacity and tone, is one way to personalize outdoor spaces and still retain a natural feel. Treat a wood floor with a beach–inspired Richmond Bisque semi–transparent stain to preserve the beauty and character of the grain.

Architectural details, from front doors to shutters to planters, provide an opportunity to play with vivid color accents that would be too intense over larger areas. Paired with a glossy orange front door, periwinkle blue planters, or navy blue shutters (Blueberry Hill 812), even the plainest white façade takes on a fresh vitality and personality.

Take inspiration from the dominant color outside, whether lush greens or ocean blues or desert neutrals. This method is the safest way to build a pleasing palette for outdoor living. A sage green floor stain (Ferndale Green) perfectly echoes the colors of surrounding foliage and is an unobtrusive backdrop.

Painting the porch floor a pale color visually expands the space.