getting started:

The ideal media space keeps entertainment in order and is decorative in its own right

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  • Choose a cabinet that organizes and conceals media components and accessories.
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  • Add storage baskets to keep remotes close at hand, but hidden when not in use.
  • 3
  • For a personal touch, surround your flat screen with art and decorative items.
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Lighting Tip

For maximum comfort, use a versatile mix of ambient, task and accent lighting so you can easily adjust the atmosphere depending on the mood wanted.


Whether sitting down for a quick sitcom or settling in to binge-watch a whole series, comfort is essential in media rooms or spaces. Make sure you have extra seating, soft pillows and cozy throws on hand for family and friends.

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Choosing Paint

A wall color can energize a space or calm
it down. Look to blues and neutrals to
create a peaceful environment, yellows
and reds to warm things up.

Choosing Paint Colors

How To

Get inspired to create your dream media room with easy how-to articles.

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