getting started:

Small spaces and rooms-within-rooms offer big opportunities for great style

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  • Choose furniture designed to multitask, like a trunk that doubles as a table and hidden storage.
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  • Hang mirrors to reflect light and choose glass-top tables to create the illusion of more space.
  • 3
  • No matter how small the space, go bold and decorate with statement pieces for large-scale character.
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Lighting Tip

Just because a space is small, that doesn't mean it can't be grand. Add beauty and drama with pendants, sconces, and especially chandeliers.


What you lack in square footage, you can make up in style. Don't be afraid to incorporate lively decor in an eclectic mix of colors, patterns and textures.

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Choosing Paint

A wall color can energize a space or calm
it down. Look to blues and neutrals to
create a peaceful environment, yellows
and reds to warm things up.

Choosing Paint Colors

How To

Get inspired to create your dream small space with easy how-to articles.

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