Aguas Frescas

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The refreshing fruit drinks known as aguas frescas originated in Mexico, where they are often sold by street vendors on steamy days. Made with what ever fruit is ripe and in season (strawberry, watermelon and papaya are popular choices), the drinks are freshing alternative to alcoholic beverages.

Tony Salto of San Francisco's popular Tortilla Heights restaurant shared these great recipes with us. Each one is delicious, easy to prepare and pairs perfectly with mojitos and warm weather.

Tony Salto

Serves 6


  • Seasonal fresh fruit
  • 1 cup water
  • simple syrup (created by mixing together equal parts water and sugar and boiling until syrupy)
  • ice


  • Rinse and slice the fruit and place it in a blender. Add water and simple syrup, and blend the mixture until it is smooth. Serve in a jug filled with ice, using a ladle to fill each glass.