Grey Goose® La Poire Cranberry Sparkler

recipe photo

Nothing is quite as comforting as a mug of hot chocolate on a December afternoon. It's a drink that's only improved if enjoyed in the company of friends and family – especially if it's mixed with a premium-quality spirit. We've gathered our favorite hot toddies along with a couple of cutting-edge cold cocktails that are ideal for serving at your holiday open house.


  • 1½ parts Grey Goose® La Poire flavored vodka
  • Equal parts club soda and cranberry juice (or white cranberry juice)
  • Squeeze of lime juice (or Rose's)


  • In a chilled Collins glass filled with ice, add Grey Goose® La Poire. Top with club soda and cranberry juice. Serve with a lime wedge, cherry or fresh cranberries on a cocktail pick.