Honey Brunch Recipes

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The best way to showcase the complexity of wild artisanal honey is to keep it simple and, if possible, uncooked. Rather than recipes, these pairings, offered by our favorite beekeeper, highlights how beautifully honey combines with farmers' market fruits, cheeses or breads. Let guests know that these are open to interpretation, limited only by a cook's creativity and vision.

  • Combed honey on top of local cheese and warm sourdough Honey and cheese are perfect partners in all forms. Try upscale versions like panna cotta or thick, rich Greek yogurt topped with honey. A cheese plate of goat, sheep and cow in different densities from different regions of the world is always a crowd pleaser. A broken corner of honeycomb and a sprinkle of raw nuts make a presentation fit for the gods.

  • Orange blossom honey with fruit salad Even ordinary fruit wakes up when dipped in honey. Tart green Granny Smith apples, melons and berries, and the earliest of summer fruit come alive with a generous drizzle. In areas where spring fruits may be limited, try alternative solutions like apple-rhubarb compotes or smoothies with frozen organic fruits sweetened with honey on top.

  • Lavender honey and toast This classic combination can be interpreted with scones, French toast or even crepes drizzled with honey and melting butter.

  • Raspberry creamed honey with salmon A European-style honey, creamed honey is made by blending a smooth crystallized honey with other honey, spices or fruit to create a thick butterlike topping on toast. For brunch, try bagels with salmon, creamed honey and cream cheese. Or try a cooked version of honey-glazed salmon with a marinade of warmed creamed honey. The tart raspberries, like vinegar, add a layer of contrast.

  • Though the best honey should be eaten and appreciated, there are also many hot beverages that make good use of less precious honey as well. Try a strong Mexican coffee blended with half and half, honey, cocoa and cinnamon, topped with a dollop of whipped cream. A traditional spiced honey tea, like the Germanic Wassail, combines honey, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cider and citrus juices in a delightful simmering punch. Both make great morning cups to kick off a lively brunch.