Create a Dopp Kit as a Father's Day Gift

By assembling a few travel essentials in a dopp kit, a unique and incredibly stylish Father's Day gift is easy to create. In this video, we learn how to design a dopp kit for Dad. These springtime picnic baskets are easy to create and they make perfect gifts to help loved ones enjoy the beauty of nature, whether it's a leisurely outdoor meal on a weekend or an impromptu evening picnic in the backyard.

To create a dopp kit for a Father's Day gift, you'll need a leather dopp kit, a stylish tray and glass canister, shaving creams, balms, shaving tools and travel containers plus craft supplies,.

To make this Father's Day gift, first transfer the contents of shaving creams and balms into travel-friendly containers. Corral these items in the drawstring bags to keep them accessible and organized.

Next, we show you how to make a gift tag by tracing a printed outline of a mustache with a dark pencil. In the video, we show you how to burnish this traced outline onto black construction paper. Once you've burnished the mustache onto the construction paper, simply cut along the traced outline. Use a white graphite pencil to write a sentiment on this mustache for a personal touch to your Father's Day gift.

Place all the creams, lotions and tools in the dopp kit. Place a glass canister and the dopp kit on a tray and secure with a length of twill ribbon. Glue the mustache tag to the canister for a delightful finishing touch.

Put together this fun gift for dad's special day that will make him feel appreciated not only on Father's Day, but every time he travels and uses his personalized dopp kit.