How to Create Garden Gift Baskets for Easter

Spring is here! Celebrate the sunny, warmer days by creating these easy garden gift baskets, complete with seeds, gardening gloves and more. As a thoughtful, personalized Easter basket, these simple garden gift baskets are perfect for inspiring some springtime planting, for both the seasoned green-thumb and the aspiring gardener. These personalized Easter baskets promise simple yet brilliant springtime flowers.

To make these personalized Easter baskets, you'll need the following supplies: raffia, muslin or paper bags, grosgrain ribbon, rubber stamps, a variety of seed packets, gardening gloves, pruning shears, gardening notecards and the Pierced Ceramic Bunny from Pottery Barn. All these gardening goodies can be arranged in the Greenvine Basket from Pottery Barn.

Start making these easy garden gift baskets by forming a cozy nest of raffia or Pottery Barn's Natural Basket Filler in the Greenvine Basket. Place the ceramic bunny and gardening note cards in the center of the arrangement. Arrange the gardening gloves behind the bunny.

Craft custom seed bags to match these personalized Easter baskets; write on or stamp the muslin or paper bags with the names of the seeds. Don't worry about perfect stamping or penmanship as the handmade look is the goal. Fill the stamped bags with the corresponding seeds and place them in the basket. The pruning shears can be tucked into a corner of the basket, point-side facing down.

Add a finishing touch to these spring-inspired garden gift baskets by tying a ribbon around the center of the handle. Trim the ends of the ribbon for a clean edge.