Daily System 24" Wall Organizing Sets

No longer available
  • Clever and versatile, our modular Daily System is the ultimate home-office assistant. With a wall design that frees up counter space, each of these sets adds functionality to your tasks in the kitchen, office, entry or laundry room. The components are constructed so that you can arrange them to best suit your wall space.

      Home Office Set

    • One Whiteboard Calendar
    • One Letter Bin
    • One Corkboard
    • Two 12" Top Display Rods
    • One 24" Top Display Rod

    • Entryway Set

    • One Multi-Use Entry
    • One Mirror with Hooks
    • Two Rows of Hooks
    • Four 12" Top Display Rods

    • Kitchen Set

    • One Chalkboard
    • One 24" Ledge
    • One Flatware Caddy
    • Two 12" Top Display Rods
    • Two 24" Top Display Rods

    • Laundry Set

    • One 24" Ledge
    • One Linen Pinboard
    • One Towel Bar
    • Three 24" Top Display Rods

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