Flameless Wax Pillar Candle - Ivory

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  • Elegant and safe, our Flameless Wax Pillar Candle offers the classic ambience of candlelight without the hazardous open flame. Add the warm glow of candles to any space without worrying about small children, pets or fires. Our lifelike wax pillars look realistic with stunning details such as a faux-embedded wick in the center. The flickering amber-colored "flame" provides a classic look, while the LED light provides a safe, energy-efficient alternative to real candlelight. All of our pillars come with an on/off switch. Most pillars also feature a timer that lets you "set it and forget it." The timer is unavailable on 2" pillars and votive candles. "Light" our smokeless pillars and arrange them in your bathroom to create a spa-like retreat. Arrange them in your living or dining areas for an elegant touch to family night. Our family-friendly candles can be used indoors or out, wherever you want to add the charm and appeal of a candle.

    Details You'll Appreciate

    • Realistic looking wax exterior and a faux-wick embedded in the center of the candle.
    • LED light source with on/off switch in the base of the candle.
    • Lifelike amber flame flickers for a realistic touch.

    Key Product Points

    • Available in diameters ranging from 3" to 8" and heights of 3" to 14".
    • Unscented.
    • Batteries not included.
    • 3"-diameter candles require two AA batteries (burn for 500 hours).
    • 4"-diameter candles require two C batteries (burn for 2,000 hours).
    • 6"- and 8"-diameter candles require two D batteries (burn for 3,000 hours).