Hand Hammered Copper Bathtub

No longer available
  • Copper is the material of choice for handcrafted bathtubs because it conducts and holds heat, can be molded into any shape and is naturally resistant to corrosion. Our handcrafted tub features a rolled rim, a stepped base and a hammered texture that makes a striking centerpiece for the master bath.

    • 66" wide x 33" deep x 24" high
    • Constructed of copper with a hand-applied finish.
    • Distinctive hand-hammered texture.
    • Patina is applied with fire instead of wax, which means the color is engrained into the copper.
    • Fixtures are made of brass finished in Antique Bronze.
    • Includes pedestal tub, drain stops, waste and overflow pipes, and exterior floor-mount telephone-style tub fill with a handheld shower attachment.
    • Two drainage holes; one on side and one on bottom.
    • Professional installation required.
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