Holiday Potpourri

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  • Our potpourri bundles will fill the homes of friends and family with savory scents and fresh fragrances. Cinnamon sticks, oranges, and woodland plant matter such as pinecones and bellani pods make up these all-natural assortments, perfect for decorating and gift-giving.

      Woodland Berry Fragrance

    • Ingredients: tangerine, apple, clove, cedar, cinnamon bark, spruce, juniper berries, Siberian pine needles and woodland moss.
    • Each comes packaged in cellophane wrap, great for gift giving.

    • Mixed Layered Potpourri

      * Ingredients: orange slices, cinnamon sticks, pinecones and orange pods.

      * 14 ounces.

      Orange Slice Potpourri

    • Dried orange slices and bellani pods.
    • 15 ounces.

    • Cinnamon Stick Bundle

    • 15" long
    • 30 Cinnamon sticks.

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