Homescent Collection - Moonlit Sea

No longer available
  • Create a serene seaside retreat in the bath with ocean scents and soft candlelight. Fragrances of coral sands, blood oranges and cyclamen mix with earthy scents such as moss and driftwood. The candles and candle pot are hand made with details inspired by sea urchins.
    • Moonlit Sea fragrance notes: With notes of ocean breeze, blood orange, cyclamen, coral sands, palm wood, dew fruit.
    • Candles: Made of scented paraffin wax with a textured finish.
    • Diffuser: 5.8 ounces
    • Candle pot: Filled scented wax in a glass pot.
    • Potpourri: 12 ounces, white sippy seashells, moss, starfish, natural mushroom, driftwood, amra pods, mixed shells.
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