Homescent Collection - Palm Harbor

No longer available
  • This deluxe collection creates layered fragrance notes throughout your home. Our signature scent captures the essence of a tropical seaside.

    • Pillar: 4" diameter, 4.5" high
    • Pillar: 4" diameter, 8" high
    • Candle Pot: 4" diameter, 2.25" high
    • Potpourri: 22 ounces
    • Diffuser: 3" square, 7" high
    • Pillar is made of scented refined paraffin wax.
    • Pot is made of hand-hammered aluminum with a nickel-plated finish.
    • Potpourri is composed of seashells, mahogany spoons, bakuli pods, faux starfish, bael fruits and cumbo cuts.
    • Diffuser is a glass bottle with a porcelain top, filled with scented oil.
    • Palm Harbor fragrance notes: sea salt, blue lavender, cyclamen, white peach, seagrass, bamboo leaf and teakwood.
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