Homescent Collection - White Pumpkin

No longer available
  • Capturing the rich, sweet smells of the season, our Homescent Collection features fragrances of pumpkin and cinnamon leaf, accented with notes of red ginger, amber, black pepper and vanilla. The botanical pillar candles are inset with real flowers and leaves, and the glass diffuser bottle features a decorative decal.
    • Short Botanical Pillar: 4" diameter, 4.5" high
    • Tall Botanical Pillar: 4" diameter, 8" high
    • Candle Pot: 4" diameter, 4" high
    • Botanical pillar is made of scented refined paraffin wax filled with natural elements such as sola flowers and leaves.
    • Candle pot is made of pressed glass filled with scented paraffin wax.
    • Diffuser consists 5.8 ounces of scented oil in a glass bottle with a decal sticker of fruit; comes with eight diffuser sticks.
    • White Pumpkin fragrance notes: heirloom pumpkin, cinnamon leaf, red ginger, amber, cardamom, black pepper, precious woods and vanilla.
    • White Pumpkin potpourri ingredients: bellani pods, bakuli pods, amra pods, quina leaves, sola flowers, oak leaves, wood sticks, paras pods, mahogany slices, faux pumpkins; 6 ounces.
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