Homescent Collection - Bergamot Tobacco

No longer available
  • The rustic, complex fragrances of bergamot and tobacco mingle to create a pleasing ambience in your home.

    • Pillar: 4" diameter, 4.5" high
    • Pillar: 4" diameter, 8" high
    • Candle Pot: 3" diameter, 3.5" high
    • Potpourri: 8 ounces
    • Diffuser: 2.25" diameter, 8.25" high
    • Pillar is made of scented paraffin wax with botanical inclusions.
    • Candle pot is made of glass with a ceramic lid.
    • Potpourri is composed of bellani ball, elephant ear pods, quinoa leaves, rattan fruit, amra pods, red thika pod, mintola ball and wheat.
    • Diffuser is a glass bottle filled with scented oil and comes with seven wooden sticks.
    • Bergamot Tobacco fragrance notes: Italian bergamot, lemon zest, tobacco leaves, star clove, cedar wood, white jasmine, Bourbon vanilla, patchouli.
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