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Brighten up your home with personal touches that allow you to express your individuality and taste. From hanging accents to delightful vases to candles, you can design the walls and rooms of your home exactly as you envision they should be with rich and elegant decor from Pottery Barn. From gentle, contemporary styles to unique modern pieces, home accents simply make a room delightful to spend time in.


Bring beautiful accents to bookshelves, end tables and mantels with unique and stylish candleholders. Summon your eco-friendly side with tabletop candleholders made of recycled glass, or opt for a delicate pillar plate that serves to help you relax during a mediation session. Traditional pillar candleholders accent a dining table well for the holiday season, while wall-mountable or sconce candleholders can help make a hallway or entryway look livelier. Eclectic modern styles, such as ring votive candleholders and nickel wall-mounted candleholders, brighten up a room with ease.


Every wonderful and ornate candleholder requires a candle to place inside of it. Choose from a large selection of candles that work well with all styles of our candleholders. Flameless wax candles never pose a safety hazard and require no upkeep. Choose from myriad different colors to complement your already existing decor. Taper candles work well on a dining room table with pillar candleholders. Utilize these for a formal dinner party or during the holidays. Votives are delightful in nearly any room. For a beautiful scent without the flame, opt for oil diffusers to ensure your home is fresh smelling and inviting any season of the year.


Tabletop and bookshelf decor also isn’t quite complete without beautiful vases and flowers to liven up a room. Vases simply look delightful on a kitchen table with fresh-cut flowers, and you can amplify a room’s decor with artificial flowers that never expire. Wall-mounted vases are ideal for a foyer, hallway or any spot in your home that could use a bit of greenery and color. Using rustic-style dough bowls on tables is also a unique idea; place decorative beads or flowers inside for more visual interest. Opt for oversized wine bottles or large jugs for a down-home, country appeal.


Illumination is an excellent way to brighten up the living areas of your home while adding appeal to your existing decor. Different lantern styles add a rustic appeal and a classic look. Choose from tabletop or wall-mountable lanterns, depending on your taste. Lanterns also add to the look of an outdoor patio or deck, especially during the summer months. Look for lanterns with a nautical theme for a by-the-sea look and feel. Hanging hooks are also a great way to mount lanterns, especially in a hallway or entryway. Additionally, hanging lights aren’t just for the holidays; you can use string lights to liven up a deck or enclosed porch, or even to brighten a room that needs a little bit of waking up. Choose from holiday-themed string or fairy lights, or opt for classic white for a fresh, fun look.


Few things say “welcome” quite like having a beautiful wreath to hang on your door or outside space. Opt for a beautiful shell wreath if you live near the water or choose a bittersweet wreath and garland as autumn approaches. A black pine cone wreath is beautiful all year round, but especially fitting during Halloween. Outdoor topiaries and moss letters also add a distinctive appeal to an outdoor space. If wreaths and garland are not your taste, there is a wealth of other front door decor to personalize the outdoors. Choose from door knockers, welcome mats and banners to add inviting warmth to your front porch or stoop.