Prints & Canvas Art

Simply put, a home can look bare without anything on the walls. Minimalism has its place, of course, but even a well-selected piece of art looks at home on the wall in a room without as much furniture in it. Every room in your house can look a bit more personable with hanging art. Artwork is deeply personal and subjective, and it’s always nice to come home to rooms filled with prints and paintings that spark your creativity or a treasured memory. Choose from a wide selection of prints and canvases to bring joy to your home and enjoyment for years.

The different types of prints and canvas that are available are endless. Look for beach and outdoor water scenes if you’re trying to build a theme within your home that highlights the beauty of coastal decor. Abstract and modern art adds an eclectic touch to an urban space and is always a conversation starter for when you have guests over. You also are able to make your walls look similar to those of an art gallery with unframed art insets placed inside of acrylic gallery frames. Display these small prints in your living room or family room to add points of interest.

As you decorate your walls with different types of art, it’s always wise to keep color in mind. Earthy and neutral colors have a tendency to bring more warmth to a room, while black and white photography, sketching and other works of art contrast well with both light and dark rooms. Often, smaller prints look ideal in a group, scattered on the wall to add a sense of texture. You may also want to hang other types of prints for different reasons beyond pure visual enjoyment. Motivational prints may be just what the doctor ordered in the bedroom or in the bathroom. Start each day off with the word “Success” or the phrase “Get It Done” to begin your morning on a positive note. Motivational prints and canvases also work well for the office, as do industrial prints and office icons. Decorate your home office with different motivating and office themes to truly personalize your space.

When shopping with Pottery Barn, you also have the unique ability to filter your searches to discover art by subject. For example, if you don’t want to browse through pages of prints and canvas art to find one piece suited for your needs, simply look at only botanical prints or prints that focus on architecture. You may also focus solely on animals or typography and motivational prints. Other art, such as photography, is also featured when sorting by subject, giving you the ability to mix and match prints with other works of art to truly build an eclectic space. If you’re a fan of a particular artist, you’re also able to feature results from a search by artist too. Delight in Jennifer Meyers’s animal prints or opt for Cindy Taylor’s outdoor and beach scenes. Other artists include the likes of Alicia Bock, Michal Venara and more. Choose to have these paintings framed or unframed, and find a special place for them on your wall in the dining room, living room, office, kitchen or beyond.

If you’re in search of an extremely unique type of print, you also have the ability to turn any of your personal photos into art. Simply upload any photo that you’ve taken to have it beautifully printed on artisanal canvas. We then stretch and place your image onto a wood frame and treat it with an ultraviolet ray-resistant coated finish to add durability and longevity to the print. Choose from sizes as small as 8" by 10" to ones as large as 18" by 24" to make one of your personal photographs a key element of art on your wall. A great idea for family photos, this is also a treat for budding photographers as well.