For some reason, it's in a woman's DNA to have a strong attraction to decorative boxes. We can never have enough. The good thing is, they serve a function, and there are dozens of uses to feed both sides of our brain - the creative and the organizer. Trays are similar, and can not only offer practical purposes but make great accessories. Here are more reasons you should allow yourself to search for your favorite trays and boxes.


Boxes come in all shapes and sizes and for good reason, they'll serve many purposes. A jewelry box is a keepsake you can spend time finding the perfect match. You're likely to have it for a long time, so keep a classic sense of style, but it doesn't mean it has to be boring. Try a gold trim or monogrammed silver container that's unique to you. When making a decision on the type of box you need, keep the components of the box in mind. Whether you are storing jewelry, keepsakes, letters or nothing at all, the components will dictate the space of the box you choose. Square boxes, rectangular boxes, circular boxes are great accessories around the house and are also functional.


A box set is a great option, giving you different sizes that all match. You really can't go wrong with this choice, just make sure you enjoy the print and they're good quality - you'll have at least three of them. A beautiful box is meant to disguise the things that aren't decorative and don't currently serve a purpose. Make sure the box is sturdy and sealed tight, you want to find something that you enjoy visually, but function takes priority.


A tray is a great accessory and serves an extra function. Here, your focus isn't only on the tray, but the object on it, so know where you'd like the focus to go. If you want to showcase a gorgeous object that matches your home decor, stick to a tray table that's conservative and doesn't compete with the object's design. If you're using a serving tray for food, have fun with shapes and designs. Serving dishes are usually plain, but you can jazz up your meal by putting it on a beautiful layout. Try a gorgeous ceramic design that stands out on any table.


If you're using a tray as a decorative table top, also experiment with shapes for your tray. A rectangular wooden tray makes a much different statement than silver or ceramic tray. Know what your home decor needs and takes advantage of this visual opportunity. A tray or a decorative box here and there can hide the things that you don't want to be seen, while showcasing a beautiful piece of art.