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Staying organized is often tough, especially when you have small items that simply need a home. Things like keys, watches, notes and coins often need a secure place for storage so they are not misplaced. You want something functional yet smart and elegant, that complements the look of your room easily. Delicate yet useful trays and boxes are a great way to keep organized while looking chic.

Sloan Lacquer Trays lend beauty and elegance to decor in any room of the home, but work very well in a bedroom, such as on top of a dresser. Available in several different colors to complement the look of a bedroom, these trays offer enough to space to stow keys, a small amount of coins, important slips of paper, a money clip and watches. The Antoinette Agate Box also looks lovely with a bedroom’s coastal theme or works well placed on top of a dresser or mantel. The lacquered trays are ideal as a holiday gift or a gift for a special occasion, and have the ability to be personalized with the recipient’s initials. These boxes are also great gifts for Mother’s Day, bar or bat mitzvahs, graduations and other events.

Small trays are also great for storage of small items, and many of the small trays have a white or metal finish, great to complement your existing home office decor. These trays do very well on a desktop. Simply place some needed items in the trays, such as pens, pencils, small tools, sticky notes and other items so that they are within arm’s reach. In addition to adding to your home office, trays also work well on top of a dresser and could serve as a resting spot for glasses, watches, cufflinks, trinkets and other small pieces of jewelry. Trays such as the Gray & White Bone Tray are very unisex in style, and easily work as appreciated gifts for both men and women. Small trays also make a great housewarming or new apartment gift.

Pottery Barn also offers several options for boxes that look delightful on a dresser, and are a simple alternative to the classic look of jewelry boxes. It is often tough to put larger, chunky pieces of jewelry in a delicate box, so opt for the Preppy Border Box that has lots of room for large necklaces or chunky bracelets. The dot inlay box or the Harper Box also work well on a dresser or bureau for storing smaller pieces of jewelry. Some of these boxes also have the ability to be personalized.

For entertaining, there are also trays that are similar to serveware that are ideal for a small tea luncheon or for putting small items out for guests during a party. A silver bamboo tray also does a great job of providing your significant other a small breakfast in bed or is usable for a small tea party. Many of these metal and woven trays also do well as simple display items. Place the tray on a side table or large mantle as a spot to store decorative objects. Display trays also work well in the bedroom, for those who would like to showcase their jewelry instead of placing it in a box. Small display boxes also work well for storing live or faux plants. Their see-through glass casing adds a special touch to decor, allowing you to place items inside for showcasing. In addition to plants and small decorative items, display boxes are a great idea for those with young children, who want to keep some items out of the reach of little hands.