For centuries, candles have always added beautiful accents to a home, while also serving a functional purpose. Some people use candles for illumination while others enjoy scented candles that fill their home full of a beautiful aroma. Other homes use candles more for religious tradition. No matter what they are used for, candles bring illumination and decorative accent to the living space and bring cheer to the home.

For those that use candles simply as a part of their home╩╝s decor, candles that are safer are a much better option. Opt for our Premium Flickering Flameless Candles in different colors so that you are able to use candles worry-free. Available in many different colors to suit any existing decor, these pillar candles work well on a dining table for a get-together. You can also place one on a mantel or bookshelf or anywhere light may be needed. These candles are made of wax for a realistic feel and look.

For those that desire the real thing for a holiday dinner or special event, long taper candles are ideal for the formal dining room table. Choose from several different colors of taper candles to match your dining room, and do not forget to pair these candles with an elegant candle holder. Long taper candles with candle holders also look appealing on an end table or they can be used in a mounted wall sconce or candle holder. Those who desire a classic taper candle without the actual flame also have their choice of a selection of flameless taper candles.

Some people really appreciate the look of candles throughout their homes. In nearly every room, guests find beautiful candles and decor, in addition to an assortment of charming decorative objects. If you have flameless candles throughout the home yet tire of turning them on every evening, a Luminara Remote Control is able to help the task flow more smoothly. As it works with any flameless candle available from Pottery Barn, you can simply enter each room and press a button to turn on illumination and another button to turn it off when you retire for the evening. Not only are flameless candles safe and mess-free, they are also easy to use.

You may want to go well beyond decoration and would like your home filled with a captivating scent as well. Choose from a large selection of votive scented candles, in a variety of different colors to suit your tastes. Scented candle pots are an excellent addition to the room as their decorative nature looks well on a bookshelf or desktop. It is important to note that some scented votive candles are also flameless, so you are able to enjoy the illumination and the scent without worry. Votive candles also have the ability to be purchased as a set or in bulk and are suitable for events such as weddings, bar mitzvahs and dinner parties. Votive candles are also an excellent way to light up an outdoor area for an evening party or barbecue. Personalized candle pots, with the recipient╩╝s name or initials monogrammed into the candle holder, make a great and thoughtful gift for the holidays or for any other special occasion.

Those who would love to fill their home with scent without using candles or flowers may opt for one of our oil diffusers. Complete with oil, sticks and a diffuser, they allow you to fill your home with lovely scents, such as paperwhite, ocean or mission fig. A beautiful scent accent for any space, an oil diffuser provides a much gentler scent than room air fresheners or deodorizers.