Decorative Objects

Well-considered home decor is about much more than just putting some paintings up on your wall. Small items can help round out open spaces and give your home a polished, comfortable ambience. If you’re looking for some decorative objects to put the final touches on your home decor, Pottery Barn has an excellent selection of items for you to consider. From whimsical sculptures to seasonal garlands and beautiful bookends, our selection of decorative objects allows you to reflect your personality and aesthetic preferences for everyone to see. Whether it’s a bookshelf that needs some embellishment or a fireplace mantel that looks a bit empty, we can help you fill in the gaps with effective design.

Decorative objects are ornamental accessories for your home, and while they often don’t have a specifically functional purpose, they are useful for creating ambience and giving your home a stately quality. Well-decorated homes tend to use available surfaces wisely. While it isn’t usually a good idea to crowd every available opening with curios, a well-placed decorative object can bring charm and elegance to a room. You can arrange your decorative objects in small groups to create a harmonious balance or display them alone to allow viewers to devote their full attention to a single item. The choice is completely up to you.

From the living room to your home office, you can use decorative objects to brighten up your space or create an artistic statement to greet your guests. Enhance an existing decor arrangement with a few small sculptures, or build a whole new collection of decorative items around a decorative object that encapsulates your aesthetic priorities. As long as you’re happy with the effect they have, there’s no wrong way to use our decorative objects. It’s all a matter of bringing your creative vision to life and making your home look and feel just the way you want it to.

Decorative objects can adorn shelves, tabletops, built-in curio displays and prominent corners of your home. We even offer some decorative objects that are suitable for outdoor use, allowing you to create attractive displays all over your home. You can keep the same objects in place year-round or create a rotating collection of seasonal decor so you can keep your ornamentation fresh. Decorative objects are versatile and easy to pack away for later use, so you can always keep your home looking interesting and fun. If you prefer to keep your displays static, our decorative objects are expertly designed to give you and anyone else in your home long-lasting aesthetic enjoyment.

You can anchor your decorative object displays by grouping items together on a tray or arranging them around a larger item such as a lamp or vase. Our decorative objects mix quite well with other items, allowing you to add dimension, textural variety and different splashes of color to your decor. Whether you’re grouping a small animal sculpture with a flowering plant or arranging a collection of seashells in a rough wooden bowl, our decorative objects provide stylistic versatility that you can use in a variety of different ways.

Our decorative objects can bring visual interest to any surface, from living room accent tables to an open corner of your kitchen counter. With decorative objects, you get the chance to prioritize pure enjoyment and beauty without worrying about the why and how of why an item exists. This is one area where your shopping choices can be guided entirely by your desires without too much concern for practicality. While some of our decorative objects can serve a helpful purpose, their ultimate job is to look good and provide beautiful adornment for your home.