Lanterns & String Lights

Whether you want to brighten up an outdoor space or even bring the outdoors in, lanterns and string lights are a fun, festive way to do so. Best of all, they work throughout all the seasons. Lanterns give off a glow that makes you feel like you are on a spring camping trip or a summer vacation to the beach, and they put out a warmth that you cannot get from any other type of lighting during the fall and winter. Pottery Barn offers a vast selection of lanterns and string lights to fit any space.

Lanterns are becoming such a mainstay in decorating that people are using them for everything from wedding decor to lighting replacements on end tables and nightstands. One great way to incorporate a lantern into your home is to use it as a centerpiece on your kitchen or dining room table. You will find that many of them come in a variety of heights and sizes. Choose a tall one for your table and consider surrounding it by one or two shorter versions. You can even mix and match a group of three different lanterns sizes for visual interest. Incorporate the seasons into the display by adding greenery and other natural items between them or even inside of them. If you have lamps placed on tables and mantels around your home, lanterns make excellent replacements. They can give off a softer glow and add a bit more character to a space. The soft lighting also makes them good choices for bedside tables or bathroom counters. Taller lanterns can be used to balance out spaces with larger home decor items, even if you do not need them for lighting purposes.

Lanterns can also make an impact outdoors. Hang one by your front door to welcome visitors for dinner, or line the steps to your front porch with them to light the path into your home. They can also add ambience to a covered porch, patio or outdoor living space. You may even consider using them poolside to illuminate your late-night swims. Lanterns work with almost any type of decorating style, especially cottage, rustic and other styles that often incorporate antique and outdoor elements. You will also find more modern options; these lanterns take advantage of sleek lines and heavier materials. The type of candles you place inside can also affect the way a lantern fits into your decor. Some people even opt to skip the candle entirely and fill their lanterns with ornaments, pebbles, greenery or holiday plants.

String lights are another great way to decorate both indoor and outdoor spaces and even weddings and parties. Like lanterns, they give off the same soft glow that can add romance and a playful vibe to your space while also serving as a functional piece of lighting. Indoors, string lights can turn any room into a cozy and inviting place to snuggle up and read a book or spend time with loved ones. Many people opt to hang them around their beds or around their bedroom ceilings. Children who are scared of the dark will appreciate a magical string light nightlight draped around their own bedrooms. In other rooms or hallways, you can drape them around favorite artwork or gallery walls to showcase your prints or photography. Use them to add overhead light to darker rooms or rooms with high ceilings. Consider draping them over a dining room table or breakfast bar for a fun chandelier replacement, or use them as part of a table centerpiece.

String lights also brighten up outdoor spaces at night. Hang them from porch and patio ceilings where you like to entertain guests, or drape them around columns. If you have a fence or solid wall outdoors, you can drape it with the lights as well. The possibilities with these beautiful lighting options are nearly endless.