String Lights & Lit Decor

Not just for holidays or special occasions, adding a bit of illumination to a room adds brightness, color and warmth all year long. Add string lights to your living room, enclosed porch or mudroom and even in your hallways and entryways for a fun look to add to your existing home decor. String lights also give a rustic beach house or tiki look in the summertime.

Many string lights are meant for either indoor or outdoor use, so always be sure you are selecting the right type for your purposes. Outdoor string lights look incredible in summer for an evening pool party or barbecue, lighting up paths and walkways with ease. Indoor string lights can complement existing lighting to be used year-round, or they can simply be used for parties and get-togethers.

Other lighting accessories are able to bring warmth and cheer to a room. Look for options, such as a lit capiz orb, which works well on a tabletop or desktop. Cafe string lights also work well for a nautical or beach theme, or are a great way to light an outdoor path. An outdoor oil lamp also does a great job of lighting your backyard when you need to see, or a host of oil lamps adds a fun, rustic vibe to a party.

String lights also work well to help celebrate a holiday or season. Look for pumpkin and Halloween-themed string lights. Fun for kids, but a decorative blast for adults, lit spiders and ghosts add a decorative flair to Halloween and autumn. Seasonal items are often found in the sale section at Pottery Barn, in addition to other items to spark up your home decor. Choose from other seasonal items as well to light up an area and have fun, such as Halloween candles and pillar holders, lit wire pumpkins and decorative wreaths that light up for extra flair. A lit glowing skull is also a terribly spooky yet fun idea for kids and adults.

Lanterns are also an ideal way to light up hallways and entryways, but also work well for outside decor. Pair lanterns with string lights for a country look. Use hooks on walls to hang lanterns, whether indoors or outdoors, for an unusual lighting experience. Globe lanterns are also a great way to light a tabletop or mantel. Pair lanterns and string lights outside together for a fabulous outdoor party scene.