Solid Pillows

Itʼs the little things that matter most; a simple yet impactful statement that matters not just in life, but in how you decorate your home. Our solid pillows allow you to make that statement in little ways all throughout your home, imparting everything from color to texture wherever you please. Our beautiful pillows come in a broad range of shapes, sizes and fabrics to help you create cozy corners and soft, snuggly places in living rooms, playrooms, bedrooms and more. They are a versatile and simple way to jazz up a room without the need for large-ticket items like furniture or new paint, letting you change a roomʼs look in seconds whenever youʼre in the mood to refresh the look. Itʼs simple, effective and takes just seconds out of your day.

Use our textured throw pillows to break up overly minimal or contemporary decor themes. Knitted and crocheted covers create a soft look that adds warmth to an otherwise cool and airy room. Place brown faux fur pillows on either end of a white sofa or bedspread to immediately impart country charm, or stock your bed with several ultra-soft, gathered faux-fur pillows that make snuggling up for sleep at night something you always look forward to.

Itʼs easy to mix and match our solid pillows to the colors found within your home already. Try matching warm-toned red, yellow and orange blankets and throws with rich jewel-toned blue and purple pillows for a rich, opulent look thatʼs inspired by exotic markets. For cool paint palettes and fabrics, choose matching pillows in bright, strong reds, nature-inspired greens and beautifully earthy browns. Alternatively, add contrast to rooms with cool or warm color palettes by choosing pillows in creamy off-white, crisp white linen, jet black or charcoal gray.

Choosing the right cover material and fill also matters. Try our feather-filled throw pillows to add soft support in sleeping areas, whether thatʼs your bed or an armchair that makes a great place for long naps. Down alternatives provide an easy solution for those with allergies, while solid synthetic pillows make an excellent choice for family game rooms, recreational areas and anywhere else where increased durability is desired.

Helping you make your home comfortable is something we take pride in at Pottery Barn. Our solid pillows help you to make your home decor charming, comfortable and interesting to the eye, all without needing to make major changes. Use our luxuriously beautiful throw pillows to create ambience and create inviting areas that draw your family in for treasured quality time spent playing, growing and laughing together.