Decorating your walls is such an important part of moving into a new apartment or home or redoing walls in your present home just to change things up a little bit. Hanging up art is such a personal matter as it gives you the ability to showcase your tastes, mixing in art and photography with already established decor. From black-and-white historical photographs to photographs of beach scenes, choosing to hang beautiful photography on your walls adds a classic feel and is certainly always a conversation starter.

Choose different types of photography styles to go into different rooms of the home. Beach and outdoor scenes may look outstanding in a bedroom or a mudroom while even smaller outdoor and beach scenes complement the aesthetics of a bathroom wall nicely. Black and white photographs look great in a home office or den, and certainly are to be appreciated in a living room or den. Color and black and white photography of animals also looks well in any room of the home, especially if you’re an animal lover. Keep in mind that lighter-colored photography may look its best contrasting against a dark wall while darker photography and scenes may tend to pop our more against a white, ivory or beige wall. It all depends upon your personal taste and how you would like your rooms to look.

If you are working expressly on one room at a time and are looking for a common theme, Pottery Barn gives you the unique ability to sort through art and photography listings by subject to make searching for the right piece of photography a little more seamless. For pictures or prints of plants and plant life, choose to look through the botanicals section, or those looking for pictures with motivational quotes printed on them may prefer to look through pictures with typography. Other subjects include coastal, landscapes and scenic, architecture, animals, abstract and pattern and travel and maps. For a little bite of history and the opportunity to hang very unique photography on your walls, you are also able to peruse the New York Times collection of photography from their archive. The majority of the photographs are in crisp and enchanting black-and-white with several photographs in color. Choose from such memorable photos as a 1933 beach health class, or “The Good Ol’ Days Return,” marking the end of Prohibition. Other options include a shot of the 1971 Brooklyn Bridge or Chicago’s great Ferris wheel of 1893. Other travel and architecture subjects are sure to thrill as well.

Those that favor a particular artist also have the ability to browse by artist. While this is inclusive of all available art, including canvas and print, there are many photography artists available as well. Choose from such renowned artists as Rebecca Plotnick or opt for other modern photography greats like Michal Venera. There are many beautiful photographs to choose from when browsing by artist and, if you like an artist’s particular touch, it makes it a lot easier to find similar photographs to adorn your walls with.

Those who want to use their own photography as art certainly have that option. We offer an option known as photos to art that allows you to take photographs you’ve taken yourself and have them placed on a beautiful canvas, ready to hang in your home. Hang beautiful family photos or novice photography that you’ve taken on trips and journeys and turn them into wonderful works of art. You have the ability to choose from a small 8" by 10" size to as large as 18" by 24", depending on the room you would like to decorate and the space available. Turn many of your photographs into art and have your own virtual gallery right inside your home.