Throws & Blankets

Getting cozy on your sofa is simple with Pottery Barnʼs plush, beautiful throws and blankets. You can wrap yourself in luxury and give your living room a stylish accent with our elegantly designed blankets. Available in a variety of textures, colors and thicknesses, we can help you stay warm on a cold winterʼs night or simply give yourself a little extra comfort during warmer months. With their soft-touch feel and attractive construction, these blankets are perfect for draping over the back of a chair or the arm of your sofa for easy access and extra plushness when seated.

When paired with decorative pillows, our throws and blankets provide the perfect finish for any furniture piece. From end-of-bed benches to outdoor loungers and comfortable love seats, thereʼs no wrong place to cuddle up with one of our throws. From solid faux mohair blankets with a preppy fringed trim to faux fur throws that will make you feel like royalty, we offer such a great selection of different options that you may have trouble narrowing your favorites down to just one. Luckily, blankets are always a welcome addition to a well-appointed, comfortable home, so you can take home all the throws that catch your eye.

Throw blankets are an essential living room accessory. Whether you live alone or you have a large family living under the same roof, throw blankets are an enjoyable accompaniment to group movie nights, long talks with your best friend or an autumn afternoon date with a good book. You can keep your toes toasty and your relaxation efforts on track without having to worry about getting up and changing clothes to match changing temperatures. Go ahead and leave the window open to enjoy a fresh breeze; our throws can help keep those drafts from making you feel too chilly.

Pick out throws that suit your taste and look great with your furniture. For example, if you have a leather sofa, choose a throw that stands out and adds some visual interest to the piece. If you have a patterned sofa, it may be best to go with a solid-colored throw so you can keep your throw on display without worrying about clashing patterns. Of course, you can always be bold and go for it with the pattern mixing; itʼs not impossible to do it well, and if you have an eclectic style, the combination may elevate the entire room.

Our throws arenʼt just for the living room. Your bed can also be made a bit comfier with a throw. Theyʼre a great solution for those in-between times when seasons are changing when you never can tell if itʼs time to change your bedding to something a lot lighter or a lot softer. Keeping a throw draped over the end of your bed or on a nearby piece of furniture makes it easy to add a bit of extra warmth at night without causing you too much inconvenience. Just grab the throw, spread it on top of your covers and enjoy the extra warmth.

From your favorite armchair to the window seat in your bedroom, a throw blanket is a one-way ticket to comfort. Faux fur, chunky knits and subtle patterns are all available for the picking. If you donʼt have any extra blankets in the house, donʼt hesitate to pick up more than one. Our selection of throws and blankets should certainly be tempting enough to provide you with several viable options no matter what your decorating style is. From solid neutrals to bright prints, weʼve got you covered with both warmth and style. These blankets are so comfortable, you might want to make sure there are enough on hand for everyone in your family.