Vases & Flowers

Home decor can always be enhanced by some flora, even if you don’t have a green thumb. While cut fresh flowers are a colorful delight, Pottery Barn offers impressively realistic faux blooms that allow you to create a permanent arrangement for your home if you so desire. Our vases and flowers are versatile, letting you bring some freshness into your decor without having to worry about watering and fertilizing. Even if you do enjoy indoor gardening, mixing some vases in with your live plants will add an extra element of decor and can allow you to showcase your outdoor gardening efforts inside when you cut fresh blossoms for an arrangement.

Filled with faux flowers, real blooms or simply standing on their own, our vases make lovely decorative objects. Use them to ornament any part of your home, mixing them with small sculptures, decorative trays, framed photos and art books to create pleasing vignettes on any surface that needs some adornment. From wall shelves to accent tables and even your kitchen or bathroom counter, our vases provide elegance and polished design to please the eye. Pretty enough to display on their own even without anything inside, you can always keep your vases on display with the option of occasionally filling them with fresh or faux flowers and greenery when you want to add some extra panache to a room.

Your living room is the perfect place to keep some of our vases on display. With options ranging from shiny metallics, colorful ceramics and delicately formed glass, you’ll find something to fit in with your design scheme. From the glamorous to the casual, vases are a perfect fit for your lounge area. Whether you fill a glass apothecary jar with beach glass and shells collected on your travels or a metallic vase with some of our faux verdure, you can keep your living room looking lovely and consistent with the decor in the rest of your home.

Vases are also a perfect addition to an entry table or console. With a vase and some flowers, you can instantly inject some stately style to your entryway, giving guests and family members something pleasant to look at when they first walk through your door. Grand homes often have large foyers with towering floral displays, but if your living space is more modest, you can still replicate this look on a smaller scale. Just pick out a group of three or more coordinating or matching vases in differing heights and fill them with different faux or real flowers, a variety of different colored stones or any other type of vase filler that reflects your aesthetic tastes.

Dining areas both formal and casual also gain enhancement from vases and flowers. For special occasions, you can create a tablescape centerpiece by using a single vase to anchor an arrangement of votive candles and seasonal decorative items such as glass Christmas tree baubles or small gourds. Fill your central vase with seasonal fresh flowers. For an everyday table ornament, simply fill a vase or two with faux flowers and place them on a decorative tray that you can easily remove from the table if someone needs that space to spread out and do homework or taxes.

Our vases also pair well with accent tables that may look a little lonely. You can create a decorative arrangement with just one vase on a small side table in your living room. If you have hallway accent tables that serve an almost entirely decorative purpose, choose a tall vase to stand in the center or off to one side and arrange other decorative items of different shapes and sizes across the table’s surface. This shape and size variety creates a dynamic look that looks both natural and expertly curated.