Framed Photography

Magnificent landscapes, animals, inspirational pictures and unique architecture are just a few suggestions of framed photography pieces you can use to decorate your walls. When many people think of wall art, paintings are the first thing that come to mind, but an actual photograph can show off even more of your personality. A serene setting with an inspirational quotation might imply that you are optimistic, while a black-and-white photo of horses grazing in a pasture shows off your desire for a simple life. A brightly colored picture of an old car or beach umbrellas allows you to let your fun side shine, while photos of antique books or worldly landmarks might be symbols of your intellectual side.


There are many ways to choose which framed photographs you use in your home. Much of the time, it comes down to the style and mood of the room. For example, in a quiet, personal space, such as your bedroom, you might want to choose something like a photograph of the Eiffel Tower to remind you of your honeymoon in Paris. For more public spaces, like the family room, let your other home decor guide your choices. For modern rooms, abstract photography or close-ups of everyday objects work well. If your room is more rustic, framed Pottery Barn photography that features a mountain range, pastoral scene or other landscape could complement your style. No matter the room, never be afraid to let your personality shine through. Also, be sure the frame style and color blend with your other decor.


Once you choose what types of photography you want to hang, there are several ways to incorporate them into your space. Mix framed photography with other objects such as candles, clocks, wall sconces or even your favorite collectibles to make the space more interesting. If you do not have other objects or opt not to use them, you can always arrange several framed photographs to make a gallery wall. Choose your photos with a central theme in mind, such as nature, world travel or the beach. A gallery wall in a room with nautical decor might feature framed photographs of a marina, boats, the ocean, waves crashing against the shore, surfers or people sunbathing. You can also choose a color to determine your main gallery wall theme.


Another important consideration is lighting. You should hang your framed photography in a well-lit spot so that you and your guests can see it clearly. It is also important to avoid glare from windows or overhead lighting. Before hanging your new decor, view it from all angles to ensure it looks good in that particular spot.