Vase Fillers

While they’re decorative on their own, vases sometimes need a little assistance to look their best. Pottery Barn’s vase filler options allow you to enhance the look of an empty vase or create a sturdy, decorative space for flower arrangements. If you ever feel that your flower arrangements need a little help holding their shape, or if you feel that you can never get your flowers to look quite right when you put them in a vase, our vase fillers may be the answer you’re looking for. Even if you don’t arrange flowers, vase fillers have a variety of different decorative uses, allowing you to add small but significant finishing touches to your displays.

Vase fillers can be helpful for creating centerpieces for your dining table. From small seasonal items to natural materials that can be useful all year round, vase fillers can help complete your table decor. Whether you’re interspersing some of your vase fillers with votive candles or tealights or using them as a base to layer cut flowers or fresh fruit, you don’t need to stick to the namesake function for these items. Vase fillers are just as useful outside of a vase as they are in. From spooky skulls to seashells, you can use a vase filler to enhance your decor theme and impress your guests with your attention to detail.

You can also think outside the box when it comes to what containers you pair with your vase filler. Our lanterns can be the perfect match for some vase fillers when paired with a flameless candle for extra safety. Simply place the vase filler inside a lantern with glass windows to serve as the base for a candle. You can fill in the lantern’s chamber with other items to make your theme more apparent and really push your creativity. If you want to use real flame candles, make sure the vase filler and other decorative items you select aren’t flammable.

From seasonal decor to everyday displays, our vase filler options are must-haves for a polished and sophisticated decorative effect. If you spend your days longing to make your home look like something out of a magazine, take a page from the decorator’s playbook and think small in addition to considering the big picture. Vase fillers aren’t necessarily the most significant items to consider when you’re coming up with a decorative vignette, but they can make a huge impact when used properly.