There is something exquisite and elegant about the way natural light enlivens and brightens up an outdoor space, especially at night. When paired with opulent, yet subtle lighting such as string lights, you can turn your outside entertaining area into a romantic, relaxing getaway at dusk and throughout evening by placing lanterns by your pool, by your deck, on your balcony or on accent tables around your backyard space. Whether you’re holding a large get-together or simply enjoying an outdoor evening for two, delicately placed lanterns and candles enliven your space, keeping it warm and inviting. Look to Pottery Barn for a mix of different styles and types of lanterns, from nautically-inspired to rustic, to perfectly complement your outdoor decor.

Create an outdoor display of warm candlelight with a lantern set that comes in several different sizes. Great as a centerpiece for your outdoor dining set, or on accent tables to light the way, place differently-sized lanterns throughout your outdoor space to add natural light and a warm ambience. Versatile and durable lanterns are strong enough to be used outdoors, as galvanized steel and tempered glass stand up well to the elements, but are elegant enough to use in your indoor space, for a romantic candlelit dinner or movie night. Look for metals that complement your outdoor decor. An antique bronze finish pairs well with the natural effect of wicker, while a brass finish complements many hues of wood. Silver brings a shine and radiance to your outdoor ensemble, while lanterns finished in white or black enamel may work well with your outdoor patio set.

Many outdoor lanterns are also versatile enough to be used in different ways. Hang them from a hook with a real or flameless candle, or place them on an outdoor railing, coffee table or dining table. In lieu of a flashlight, lanterns are also a handy item to have around the home or backyard, should you need to light the way at night for an outdoor walk, or need some light in case of a power outage.

There are many different styles of outdoor lanterns that enliven your outdoor space. While some lanterns have metal hooks for easy hanging and access, others include rope or twine, for a seaside, nautical feel. Opt for blue-shaded bubble glass for a dreamy, incandescent look, or transparent globes that offer a clear view of your candle. Rustic shutter lanterns give a nostalgic feel, perhaps reminding you of what a New England street lamp looked like in the days of horses and carriages.