Nothing sets a romantic and intimate tone like the golden flicker of an arrangement of lit candles. Enjoy your favorite candles with safe and lovely lanterns designed to hold standard wax or flameless candles. Our diverse collection includes metal, ceramic and glass lanterns in timeless styles and updated designs to illuminate patios, walkways and porches. Lanterns are also useful at camp and in the garden to light the way. Both small and large lanterns are available in hanging and tabletop designs and may be used indoors when you want to enhance the mood in bedrooms and living areas. Check out our more traditional candleholders for dining rooms and coffee tables. There are pillar holders for thick candles, classic candlesticks for tapers and votive holders for tealights.

Stock up on every sort of candle whether you want scented or unscented versions. Pottery Barn carries standard tapers and tealights but also offers candle pots and bowls for a decorator touch on tabletops and counters. Have plenty of extra votive candles on hand for power outages too. Premium flameless candles are great for emergency lighting and some may be ordered with a remote controller. Wax and non-wax candles are available in thick pillar designs featuring a variety of textures and colors. If you desire a fireplace candleholder discover all of our fireplace options in accessories and screens.