Brighten up your outdoor space and enliven your inner sanctuary with natural light from stunning lanterns. Turn your outdoor space into a romantic, relaxing dream with string lights and opulent detailing. Place lanterns by your pool, alongside your deck or dot them around your backyard space to create a serene, peaceful environment for relaxation with the family or dinner parties with your friends. Design the ultimate outdoor living space with subtle lighting in gorgeous lanterns that serve as centerpieces on your outdoor dining furniture or side and accent tables. Rattan furniture pairs well with lanterns and adds a cozy beach vibe to any outdoor space while wooden tables add a rustic feel for a natural, woodsy theme.

Whether you’re entertaining a large group of friends or simply enjoying an outdoor evening with a special someone, delicately placed lanterns and candles light up your space, making it warm and inviting. Choose different styles and types of lanterns from Pottery Barn to suit your style, whether it's nautically inspired or rustic. Add industrial, contemporary style with metal candle holders in sleek stylings including galvanized, silver and pewter finishes. Opt for flameless candles for use in homes with small children so you can focus on entertaining safely. Add a pop of color with candles in bright, vibrant hues to bring life and fun to any outdoor space.

Complement your lanterns with the right outdoor decor to complete your style look. Add to the rustic, industrial vibe with vintage buckets that can store your children's toys or extra pillows or serve as a beautiful statement pot for your plants. Choose glass decor including display cloches or hurricanes to add a romantic, luxe detail to your outdoor entertaining area.

Add life and vibrancy to your outdoor area with flowers and plants in a vast selection of varietals. Go for easy maintenance with faux and artificial plants that add style without adding extra work. Opt for the utmost in natural ambience with live plants in fragrant varietals including lavenders and orchids. Add a luxurious statement piece with tabletop plant gardens in glass balls or create a beautiful arrangement in stunning vases. Create borders and add dimension with large potted plants and ferns to accent the warm, soft lighting from your lanterns. Choose plant pots in natural hues that pair well with the warmth of lanterns or make a bold style statement with vibrant hues. Live moss letters add a stunning yet subtle elegance when shrouded in warm lighting from gorgeous lanterns.