Picture frames are a great way to showcase your most treasured memories. Because they're accessories, you'll want to present them in an artistic way, whether you're hanging them on a wall, or letting a picture decorate the mantles in your home. Here are some creative ways to showcase your photo as a work of art.


Frame Solids


Which frame solid do you use in your home? Wood, metal, canvas, or a clean black trim? Stay consistent unless your theme is mixing metals. Different metals might look better with a black and white picture; so don't forget you have the option to alter your pictures if you love the idea of that theme.




Pictures look great in a collage or by themselves. Decide if you'd like to group photos together in one frame, or buy a frame with multiples attached for pictures you'd like to display together. There are frames with more than one slot for your picture, making it an excellent way to group together a particular memory in your personal gallery.




For your picture gallery, what size would you like to use? Anything goes, you just want to make sure each choice is unique to your theme. Do you want to play with different sizes, or stick to the same for consistency? An 8x10 or 11x14 is a favorite portrait size. These make great wall decor because such a large photo makes a bold statement. The bigger the picture, the more impactful it is, and a lot of people choose to decorate an entire wall using one oversized picture. Smaller photos, 4x6 and under, make beautiful decorative objects for a shelf.




Shapes offer a broad range of options, and you can get creative by bringing in contrasting art. Don't limit yourself to a square picture frame; you can incorporate circles, hearts, swirls, anything you can imagine it's out there.