A throw and blanket is a household staple, and purchasing the right one can make it a home favorite. A throw can serve many purposes, and there are tons of choices. Here are seven suggestions to finding just the right throw or blanket for any room.


A throw or blanket make great accessories. A colored blanket can add that pop of personality to a boring bedroom, or soften up the flat texture. Try adding a fleece or Sherpa throw over a polyester bedspread for extra dimension.


Blankets make great gifts for all ages. From a baby to an adult, everyone likes to cuddle up against the soft fabric. You can't go wrong with a solid neutral color that's machine washable. And when in doubt, it never hurts to purchase a throw that's hypoallergenic.


Blankets can act as accessories outside the bedroom as well. Throw a bold color over a dull, sand colored chair to give it a little life. This with a matching pillow ties in your desired color or theme. Don't be afraid to play around with color. Ombre is a modern style and can break up solid colors that need variety. And you can always find some cool patterns that have an accent of your current color that helps introduce a bolder one.


Experiment with soft fabrics and consider what level of weight you'd prefer for your throw. If you live in a cold environment, you'll want a thicker throw - cowhide provides great warmth and makes a bold fashion statement in any room. If you'd like something light and airy, try a bamboo or polyester blend.


Make your throws personalized by adding monogram stitching. Because throws can be a real keepsake, people will love having something that is personal to them.


Experiment with layers. Find colors that mix and match and layer them on top of each other for a decorative effect. Think outside the box, try placing a luxurious herringbone throw in a basket.


A lot of throws have matching pillows, so take advantage. Pillows are the ultimate staple for decorating a room, so allow yourself to find a great statement fabric, like chenille, and your favorite color to spread throughout the room. If everything is a solid color and you want something seasonal and modern, try using patterns that incorporate your room's dominant color in a subtle way.