From showcasing the products of all your outdoor gardening efforts to simply creating an attractive decorative display, vases have a lot of useful applications in the home. They can serve as stand-in bookends, bring some color and shine to a dark room or hold the bouquet of flowers a loved one sent for your birthday. Pottery Barn offers a handsome collection of vases that provide just the kind of versatility you look for in a functional home accessory. We offer a variety of different finishes, including subtly glazed ceramics, mirror-finish metallics and elegantly minimal glass.

Our vases let you decide what kind of look to go for, whether you want to create glamour, project elegance or provide guests with a focal point in your home’s foyer. You can keep them on display in the same location at all times or keep a small collection of vases in a cabinet for use with cut flowers. Our vases are beautiful enough to stand on their own, but you can also pair them with other items, including decorative vase fillers or non-perishable decorative items such as feathers and dried flowers.

You can use vases to help clarify and enhance your decor themes. Whether you have a specific motif in mind, such as a coastal theme, or you simply want to carry a specific color throughout your home, vases can provide support for specific on-theme items or serve as a subtle accent that doesn’t distract from your most important statement pieces. From apothecary jars to simple bowls, we offer more than just your standard cylinder vase, allowing you to pick exactly what you need to fit in with your chosen style.

Use your vases to display fresh or faux flowers, or pick a more whimsical filler to let the vase itself stand out. From classic glass marbles to dried rosebuds or gemstone beads, there’s no limit to the creative fillers you can pair with one of our vases. Beautiful as an addition to your own home or in a housewarming gift for a friend or relative, our vases are expertly crafted in a wide range of styles so you can choose exactly what you want to reflect your uniquely wonderful taste. You can use our vases in any part of the house too, whether they’re destined to take center stage on your dining room table or you want something to adorn the bookshelf in a guest room.