No matter how many smartwatches, phones and gadgets you have that tell time, beautiful clocks are still classic and useful components of home decor that deserve a spot in every room. Not only do they help you get out the door on time, get dinner on the table and know when company is about to arrive, but they also make a statement when they complement your other decorative accessories.

Pottery Barn offers a variety of clocks to fit any decorating taste, ranging from wall clocks to clocks that sit on flat surfaces such as your shelves, desks and tables. For example, if your preferred style calls on the rustic stylings of a cottage or farmhouse look, a large round wall clock with traditional Roman numerals and a distressed frame can stand out in any area of your home. If you need something smaller, a classic pocket watch-shaped clock made to look like a vintage timepiece can look nice on a desk, nightstand or console table.

If you prefer a modern look, opt for clocks made from materials such as chrome or with shapes such as squares and rectangles with cleaner lines. You can also choose clocks with bold-colored faces, a design element that makes even the smallest desktop clock stand out in any room. Look for simple and sleek designs with traditional Arabic numerals. A mid-century style clock can also really capture the eye in a modern kitchen.

Clocks can also be an important addition to your outdoor decor. Patios, porches, decks, pools and other outdoor living spaces may benefit from a timepiece that is both decorative and functional so you see the time while you are mowing the lawn or better yet, lying on your chaise lounge by the pool. For outdoor clocks, look for options made from durable materials such as concrete or cast iron. Choose clocks with bold numerals that you can see from longer distances. Do not be afraid to choose brighter colors and styles that you might not use inside. Many outdoor clocks offer double functions and tell the temperature along with the time.

While shopping for clocks for your home, your style and taste are certainly the most important features to consider, but you may run across a few other decisions. For example, think of the power source. Most modern clocks use batteries to keep ticking, but you may run across some that require an electrical outlet. Batteries mean your clock is portable and can move to any wall or any room with ease, while electricity does not require a replacement every few months. You must also decide if you want a clock that makes sounds. Some clocks chime on the hour, which can be a pleasing thing to hear each day, but if you prefer quiet or plan to hang the clock in a bedroom, you will find many that simply keep the time without alerting you.

Another important decision to make involves the size and shape of the clock, especially when buying a wall clock. If you plan to hang it on a large, expansive wall over a piece of furniture such as your sofa, it is best to go big and bold. You can even make it the room’s focal point if you have a smaller living room. However, when shopping for a clock for a smaller room or narrow entry, you might need something that is scaled smaller, especially if you have other art on the walls. When hanging clocks over furniture as the main piece of decor on the wall, a good rule to follow is to make sure that it is no more than two-thirds the width of the furniture. When hanging in a space with no furniture, you typically want the center of the clock to be about 60" from the floor. Once you hang the clock, take a look at it from all sitting positions and standing angles in the room to ensure that it is visible to you and your guests.