Wall Mirror

Wall mirrors come in an infinite number of shapes, sizes and styles, and they are an excellent addition to any room in any home. Mirrors are also one of the most classic and versatile pieces of home decor. They can be both useful and purely decorative. They can make a small room appear larger, and they can even help ensure you are ready to start your day. They can also show off your sense of style and add a sense of elegance to your room. When choosing a mirror for a room where you entertain guests, such as the living room or dining room, style is more important than function. A mirror can add beauty to the room’s appearance without being overwhelming.

Wall mirrors can also help brighten up a small or dark room. Try hanging one on the opposite wall from a window. The mirror will reflect the natural light and make a solid wall appear endless. You may also enjoy adding large, oversized mirrors to the walls of your entryway; these spaces are typically dark and not large enough for elaborate decor of furniture. A large wall mirror in your entryway can also serve as a way to ensure you look good before heading out to work or to meet friends.

When you select a mirror, consider the height of the wall where you want to hang it. If you choose the mirror because you like the frame and do not plan to use it as a reflective surface, height should not be an issue. However, most mirrors should hang around eye level, so be sure the one you choose will do that and fit your designated space. Always look to see what the mirror will reflect before hanging it in a permanent place, and be sure it does not create any glare from your chandeliers or lamps.

You may also be surprised to learn that mirrors are not just for indoor spaces; you have plenty of options. If you have a covered porch or patio, place a mirror on an outdoor wall to reflect the surrounding trees, shrubs and gardens. This instantly makes your room feel as if it is surrounded by nature. This also works if your home offers views of a lake, ocean or other body of water. A gallery wall is another interesting way to incorporate mirrors into your decor. Choose several mirrors that complement each other or opt for more than one of the same style. This works really well in rooms with large two-story walls or in hallways or stairways. Two or three similar mirrors lining a wall next to each other, like panels, really catch the eye.

It is important that your mirror works with the furniture in your space. Mirrors that are shorter in length usually look ideal when hanging over console tables or mantels. You should also pay close attention to the other decor in the room. If your living room is filled with gold accents, you may opt to choose a mirror framed in gold rather than silver. If your mirror does not face a window, make sure it faces an object that is pleasing to the eye. Something natural, like a vase of beautiful flowers, is an excellent choice.

Placing a wall mirror in any room of your home can completely change the way the area looks and feels. It can add drama, light and the illusion of space. Best of all, whether you prefer modern, rustic, nautical, cottage or some other style of decor, a mirror can be the object that brings your other pieces together.