Floor Mirrors

Brilliantly reflective and able to give your home the illusion of being more spacious than it actually is, our floor mirrors make an excellent addition to any room in your home. With frames ranging from ornate to simple, our mirrors make it easy for you to blend the best of functionality and form to create beautiful looks that serve your needs. From simple reflective surfaces to ornately framed mirrors that qualify as art in their own right, we have what you need to decorate with flair.

Our floor mirrors donʼt just allow you to check your appearance while walking by. They offer so much more. Place them across from an open window to create the illusion of additional space, making small rooms appear bigger. You can also place them directly across from a lighting installation to bounce the light around and reduce your overall need for ambient light. Placing a mirror across from a string of mini lights is a fantastic way to spread soft, ambient light throughout your living room and can also extend nightlights across the room if turned on during the night. Our silver-framed mirrors work especially well when placed next to sunny windows with sheer window treatments. Not only will the mirror itself reflect light, but the frame will also glint in the sunlight beautifully, giving the room a delightfully bright and breezy look.

Floor mirrors donʼt have to be just a simple reflective surface. Many of our most popular mirrors are whimsically built into imaginative frames that either make them look more natural in your surroundings or make them stand out. These blend beautifully with nature-inspired design elements like vases filled with flowers or vines. Door mirrors can be laid into a wall to create a faux door with built-in mirrors, creating the appearance of another entrance even if one doesnʼt exist. Folding panel mirrors that collapse and expand work especially well among other Asian-themed decor items and can provide you with a way to break up a larger room without making it appear cluttered. Alternatively, try placing frameless floor mirrors on either side of a window to maximize light.

How you arrange floor mirrors can make them more or less impactful within a room too. Place a line of mirrors in graduated sizes along an empty wall and watch as the room instantly appears twice as large. Or, place two mirrors directly opposite one another on either side of the room; they will reflect light off one another and make the space appear brighter. A mirror placed behind a small nightstand or side table adorned with candles will cast and reflect the flames light outward, warming the room each time you light them.

Though most floor mirrors are designed to stand freely, many can be hung on the wall or affixed to surfaces for an interesting visual alternative. For dorm rooms, apartments and other small spaces, hang a tall, thin-framed floor mirror on the inside of a closet door instead. This will prevent it from taking up floor space while ensuring that you have access to the mirror whenever it is needed.

At Pottery Barn, we understand that you want options when choosing the items that make your home look beautiful. We take pride in curating beautiful floor mirrors like these that help you make the best of your home. Whether you pair your new mirror with decorative objects or make it the focal point of an entire room, we have enough options to help you find a look of which you can truly be proud.