Medicine Cabinets

Bath Mirrors


Reflect your design savvy in every room of the house with Pottery Barn’s beautifully crafted wall mirrors. From functional tilting mirrors and mirrored medicine cabinets that are perfectly at home in the bathroom to hanging mirrors that are just right for a dining room or lounge area, our mirrors are as versatile as they are attractive. Mirrors can help you stay on top of your appearance or open up a cramped room through some clever visual trickery. It’s all a matter of choosing the right one based on your specific needs.

While all of our mirrors are elegantly designed, some of them are more functional than others. We offer full-length floor and over-the-door mirrors that are perfect for a closet, bedroom or boudoir room. Our double-wide mirrors are perfect for the space above a vanity or bathroom sink console, and our storage mirrors and medicine cabinets also offer you the chance to reflect while stashing away small personal care items and accessories. We also offer elegant vanity mirrors to complete a dreamy classic makeup table setting.

Our decorative mirrors come in a range of sizes, shapes and styles. Framed models provide elegant wall decor, while frameless options provide a bit of a contemporary touch. Whether you’re looking for a large mirror to make an impact over a mantelpiece or a smaller decorative option to place in a dark corner of your home, you’ll find just the right kind of decorative mirror to add some visual interest.