Because floor lamps have no place in good bathroom design, sconces are a smart choice for illuminating the room where you get ready to take on the day. Pottery Barn’s sconces are sleek and attractive in their own right, providing just the right kind of light to illuminate your mirror and help you avoid showering in the dark. Choose from a variety of designs and finishes for a lighting design that serves as the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom fixture selection.

We offer bathroom sconces in a variety of different shapes and configurations. Choose a single, double or triple sconce depending on how much light you need to shine. If you prefer a symmetrical look that has a makeup-mirror effect, choose from our parallel sconce pairs designed to flank your bathroom mirror.

In addition to our different configurations, we also offer sconces with different shade finishes, including both frosted and clear glass. Our shades come in different shapes as well, from dramatic globes to subtle cylinders. You can also choose from a variety of hardware finishes, whether you want high-shine polished chrome, dark antique bronze or gleaming polished brass. The hardware on our bathroom sconces consists of durable cast metals, such as zinc alloy, that are coated with a durable metallic lacquer finish, providing the perfect material for a bathroom setting.