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You know you're becoming an adult when you start caring about your bedskirt. Before adulthood, a bedskirt wasn't a notable bedding fixture because our interaction with a bedskirt was little to not at all.


We live in a world of options. And something as small as a bedskirt can reflect your style during different periods of time in your life or embed a part of the world into your motif. Here are a few extra things to consider aside from just matching a skirt to your bedspread.



The right fit makes all the difference. It's important to know if you're shopping for a Full or a California King. It's hard enough to get through the daily grind of making your bed morning after morning, but having to deal with the annoyance of a bedskirt that is shifting around can only add to the chore.


Fabric Style

Before you run to buy a basic black or gray, use your imagination. If a solid color is what you are looking for, open up your mind to different textures and styles, such as pleats to make your bedskirt pop.  Are you rocking a quilt as a bedspread? What would a more traditional 15-inch drop with a lacy eyelet do to compliment it? Want a luxurious looking fabric? Egyptian cotton has a lovely sheen and hangs beautifully.



Maintaining a bedskirt's beauty is simple.   A detachable bedskirt should be machine washable and must not shrink.  They do not need handling in any other way outside of how you care for the rest of your bedding, so if the instructions include anything more complicated than a machine wash every so often, move on without guilt.



Patterns are where you can think outside of the box spring. Bedskirts can be a fun, low-cost accent for a dull looking bed. You can have business above, with a party below by adding a busy design. And if you're feeling saucy, add an opposite pattern from the one on your bedspread. For example, if you have polka dots on your duvet, try Jojo Designs on your bedskirt. It could be a fun contrast.  You can then go crazy with matching pillows and accessories and have a whole new vibe. When you grow tired of it, change back to a basic look. No commitment involved.


Whether you have a Cal King decked out in sequins, or a Full size stark white duvet, you can add a subtle change by taking a moment to consider your bedskirt. Think of it as the icing on the cake.