The bed is the focal point of your bedroom, and nothing shows off your sense of style like a beautiful comforter draped across it. Make your bed even more inviting with some of Pottery Barn’s eco-friendly comforters that come in variety of designs, such as paisley and stripes, and in textures ranging from crisp linen to sumptuous velvet. Choose from a vast selection of colors, such as neutrals that match any decor or soothing blues and greens that remind you of a tranquil getaway. For many comforters, matching accessories, such as pillow shams, are available to help pull your sleeping area’s look together.

Once you choose a comforter for your bedroom, have fun selecting other types of bedding to show off even more of your personal style, as well as to make your room as comfortable as possible for a good night’s sleep. Remember to choose items that are pleasing to the eye but that are also pleasing to your sense of touch for eight hours a night. When choosing items like sheets, you don’t have to worry too much about matching your comforter, but you can also use them as an opportunity to add a hidden design surprise that delights you when you pull back the covers. Neutral patterns and solid colors are always smart options too. With quilts, blankets and throws, you may want to be a little more particular, as these items can really enhance the look of your comforter. When selecting items like bed skirts and decorative pillows, comfort is not a requirement, but design finesse certainly is. Choose colors, patterns and textures that work with those of your comforter as well as the decor in the rest of the bedroom.

Speaking of the remaining decor in your bedroom, if you’re not sure what colors or themes you want to add, consider using your comforter as a reference. When you or anyone else walks into your bedroom, a bold comforter on a freshly made bed immediately grabs attention. A neutral-colored rug can make the comforter shine even more. However, you may opt to hang curtains in colors and patterns that complement your bedding. Adding matching throw pillows to chairs, love seats and benches in the room can also complement your bedding.

When choosing accents such as clocks, lamps, mirrors and frames, you can also try keeping with the style of your bedding. For example, if you choose a comforter with wide navy blue and white stripes, you may opt for decor with simple lines and patterns or even a nautical look, and you can choose lamps with rope or brass clocks to bring the look full circle. When choosing decorative art, prints, paintings and photography, considering selecting items that incorporate some of the colors of your comforter too.

Many people prefer a more functional comforter, especially in colder climates or places that experience very chilly winters. In this case, pay extra attention to the comforter’s density and weight, as well as the type of fabric that makes up the comforter. Cotton percale is a great universal choice because it’s cool to the touch for warm summer nights but also dense enough to keep you warm when temperatures drop. The high-quality fabric is tightly woven to help keep wear and tear to a minimum over time. A comforter made from a blend of linen and silk can turn any ordinary bed into a luxurious place to relax.

Whatever style of comforter you choose, remember that your bedroom is your own private oasis. Stick to styles that appeal to you and fabrics that feel great against your skin. Choose colors that you find soothing and prints that match your personality. If your bedroom feels more like a hotel room than your own personal getaway, maybe it’s time to do a little updating. Selecting a new comforter is a great place to start.