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Blankets and Bed Throws

Picture yourself in bed, wrapped up in your warmest, coziest piece of bedding, enjoying a good book or binge-watching your favorite TV show. Chances are, you chose a favorite blanket or throw to create your cocoon. Comfortable sheets are important, sure. They need to be soft and cool, but they also protect your bed. A nice comforter may keep you warm on those cold winter nights, but it’s not the most portable piece. Your blanket or throw’s primary function, on the other hand, is to keep you comfortable and make sure you stay warm at night while looking great too. Choosing an attractive throw is an ideal way to accessorize your bedroom or living room and add an extra layer of comfort at the same time, blending form and function.

When it comes to sizing for blankets and throws, you may not find one that matches your bed exactly, but that’s fine. In this case, simply compare its dimensions to the dimensions of your bed and find similar measurements. You may also find blankets designed to fit several bed sizes. Perhaps a throw you love comes in full/queen or king/cal. king sizes; because most blankets are tucked beneath your duvet or comforter and most throws are draped casually across your bed, exact sizing isn’t necessarily important. However, look for a blanket that’s easy to care for because you’ll most likely use it on a regular basis. Make sure it’s machine washable. Pottery Barn offers a variety of blankets that require minimal care to look their most beautiful.

When it comes to other characteristics to look for in a blanket, let your personal preferences guide you. If you want it to match the other decor in your bedroom, look for solid colors that show up in your comforter, rug or curtains. If your other decor is neutral, feel free to choose blankets in your favorite colors, such as a blueish-green that represents your affinity for the sea. You can also find that a variety of textures and patterns are available; choose the one that looks and feels right to you.

The most important decision to make about a blanket is the type of fabric you desire. You want something that’s soft and comfortable to the touch, but you also need to consider the seasons. Do you want a thick blanket for a winter night or something lighter to use during the summer? Typically, cotton is lighter, though it can serve both seasons. Other fabrics such as wool, fleece and cashmere are heavier. Consider buying several of each and keeping seasonal blankets in a trunk, dresser or armoire when they’re not in use. If you’re concerned about the environment or your own health, consider eco-friendly options in organic cotton. The cotton used in these blankets doesn’t contain pesticides or toxins. For extra assurance, look for blankets that are Oeko-Tex® certified, meaning the fabrics have been tested for harmful chemicals.

Shopping for a nice throw requires a unique set of requirements. While you may use it to cozy up on the couch to watch TV or for an extra layer on a cool night, it serves as a decorative piece too. For this reason, you also have more options when it comes to colors, textures, patterns and fabrics. Knits are breathable but still keep you warm, while chenille and cashmere feel wonderful against your skin. More exotic options like faux fur are soft and add a look of luxury to your bedroom. Fabrics in cable knitting look cozy and leave you feeling as if you’re wrapped up in your favorite sweater.

Unlike blankets,throws almost always come with sizes indicated by dimensions rather than those comparable to the size of your bed. The standard size is 50" by 60". Compare that to a queen bed, which is 60" by 80".

Your bedroom should be the most comfortable room of your house, and a soft blanket can be just what you need for a good night’s sleep. A gorgeous throw can be the perfect accent to bring your bedding or your entire room together.