Gray Bedding

If you like your bedroom to feel cool and tranquil, gray may be the exact right color for your bedding. Pottery Barn’s gray bedding is available in a variety of different styles and shades of gray, from icy pale to deep charcoal. Whether you like traditional patterns or modern solids in luxurious textures, we have gray bedding options to suit your style. From duvet covers and pillow shams to sheets and bed skirts, we have enough gray bedding pieces to allow you to build a complete, monochromatic bedding collection.

Whether you plan to use gray in addition to other colors or you want to build a cohesive collection of gray sheets, you can start by perusing our full assemblage of gray bedding. Because gray is such a versatile neutral, you can pick out a range of different patterns without worrying about clashing with your other bedding pieces. No matter what colors your other patterns use, a gray-focused pattern can serve as an elegant backdrop for anything you put up against it. Gray patterns also make an excellent foundation for vivid solid-color pieces to add some subtle but bright accents. For example, you can arrange some solid decorative pillows in colors such as bright green or teal blue on a gray duvet cover and enjoy the natural serenity of gray combined with the cheeriness of brighter, calming colors.

It’s this very versatility and calming effect that makes gray bedding anything but dull. You don’t have to use bright colors to make your gray bedding feel inviting. A bedroom with a quiet lack of embellishment can be both dignified and calming, two great qualities for a mature, sophisticated bedroom to have. Gray also has an excellent gender-neutral quality that can be a wonderful decorating choice for mixed-gender couples looking for a way to compromise on bedroom decor. For an effect that’s both steely and soft, gray bedding is an excellent go-to choice.

Bedroom decor can be utilitarian. For those who have trouble falling asleep, using a calming, placid color like gray in the bedroom can provide one less distraction to dwell on before sleep. Setting your bedroom up to feel cool and quiet may help put you in a more relaxed state of mind. Gray and other neutrals such as white or beige provide a clean, soothing environment for sleep. You can mix gray with other neutrals to create some variety without injecting too much chaos into what should be the most relaxing room in your home.

Gray is useful in other parts of your bedroom beyond your bedding. Coordinate a gray patterned duvet cover with a plush, solid-gray carpet or some silvery silk or velvet drapes. Mixing gray with silver or chrome metallics can help you maintain a color scheme while adding a sense of luxury to the room. We have some wonderful wall art in a variety of steely shades to add some visual interest to your bedroom while keeping your ambience calm and restrained. This balance between neutral bedding and decor of a similar color is an effective strategy for maintaining cohesion while avoiding monotony.

From paisley and damask prints to smooth solids, our gray bedding offerings are just right for your bedroom. If you want to outfit your bed in elegance, it’s hard to beat gray. And thanks to our wide variety of luxe fabric options, from Belgian flax linen to organic cotton and plush matelassé, it’s easy to build a collection of bedding that’s supremely soft at every level, from the bottom of your bed to the top. When style and comfort are your main priorities, our high-end gray bedding is a great choice.