Multicolored Bedding

Give your bedroom a little splash of brightness with some multicolored bedding. Whether you choose to go with a rainbow-hued duvet cover or a set of delicately patterned sheets, Pottery Barn’s luxurious bedding options are made even more appealing with the inclusion of several different colors. From understated designs featuring beautiful botanicals and a handful of subtle colors to bright, non-figurative patterns in a wide range of hues, we have multicolored bedding options to suit anyone’s taste. From the traditional and timeless to the modern and on-trend, our colorful bedding selections will please your eye and provide the right level of softness for a good night’s sleep.

If you’re looking for ways to bring more color into your bedroom, consider adding a quilt to your top bedding layer. With their intricate, classic designs and charming mixture of patches, quilts allow you to incorporate classic style with modern construction and sensibilities. From free-form designs developed by modern quilt artists to traditional patchwork and medallion layouts, we offer quilts in a variety of unique styles. With uniform patterns or constructions that use multiple different fabrics, our multicolored quilts provide several different approaches for you to choose from. Choose the pattern that speaks most to your personal style and the kind of bedroom you’d like to see welcome you at the end of a long day.

Our duvet cover and pillow sham selections offer yet another way for you to approach color in the bedroom. If you are aiming for subtlety, choose from one of our many patterned options that sit against a neutral-colored background. From bright rainbow colors against black to dusty pastels against beige, there are several different ways to approach this style, and you'll have several different options to choose from no matter what your taste preferences are. If you’re opting for a brightly colored duvet cover and pillow sham set, focus on the colors you like the most so you can use those shades as accents throughout the room.

Decorative pillows provide one of several ways to add complementary accents to a room with multicolored bedding. For example, if you have a duvet cover on your bed that uses blue, orange, green and purple with small hints of yellow and pink, you can select some solid blue decorative pillows to sit in front of your pillow shams and top the pillow arrangement with a final dash of pink or yellow. If you want to be bold and mix multicolored patterns, try to unify your design by focusing on similar shapes, colors and themes.

To keep your bedding color scheme anchored, you may want to choose a neutral or solid-colored bed skirt rather than opting for a multicolored style. We have a variety of different bed skirt options, including several that have subtle embellishments in their construction such as quilt stitching, contrast piping, pleats and button accents. Bed skirts don’t have to be bright and forceful to be decorative and effective, and because they’re not a visual focal point on the bed, it’s simple to let other bedding items boast the brightest hues.

The interior layers of your bedding can also benefit from subtlety, though if you have neutral exterior bedding, selecting multicolored sheets can give you a less-overt opportunity to showcase some pattern. Our multicolored sheets are available in crisp stripes and other understated patterns that won’t overwhelm your decor scheme, even if you’ve used patterns in other parts of the room. With so many different ways to use and highlight multicolored bedding, you’ll find the items that work well for your style and needs.